Cocoa Ultrasound Solution

Welcome to the world of ultrasound. Ultrasound technology is used in many medical facilities and in many different ways to medically evaluate various human organs as well as providing required images from an unborn baby to the OB doctors. Cocoa ultrasoundCocoa baby imaging in 2d, 3d and 4d formats in a warm and family oriented environment. These sessions are non diagnostic and offer no medical value however, a 3d4d session can create a bond between the expectant mother, father, their family and the unborn baby. A memory that would last a life time. At First Ultrasound babyimaging facility, we offer a family friendly environment and comfortable setting for the expectant moms and their family. Moms and their family can come to a scheduled appointment at First Ultrasound, a state of the art baby imaging facility to see their beautiful baby and experience the miracle of 3d4d Cocoa ultrasound technology. Our facility has been in operation since 2008. First Ultrasound offers very reasonable prices to the community to make sure that most expectant parents have the opportunity to see their beautiful and precious baby before birth.

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