Words cannot describe the excitement that a mother to be has when awaiting the first photos of her baby.  For the first time, a soon to be mother gets the first glimpse of her child.  While standard 2D scans provide an outline showing internal organs, mothers may be disappointed at the blurry, gray, x-ray-like image they receive.  3D/4D baby imaging can provide the detailed images and recordings to view all of your little one’s features.


3D/4D ultrasound can show the baby’s nose, mouth, or even if the baby sticks their tongue out.  This new form of baby imaging shows the living features of your baby.  With higher definition, this form of ultrasound allows for earlier gender determination than a standard 2D ultrasound.  Gender determination can be made between 16 to 25 weeks of gestation.


You can expect a very similar experience to having a standard 2D ultrasound done.  A small amount of gel is applied to the belly.  A probe is used to retrieve the 3D and 4D images just like a standard sonogram.  3D/4D baby imaging gives us the capability of providing images as well as videos of your baby.  When looking at your baby for the first time, it should be a memorable moment to cherish forever.  Capture this moment with high quality 3D/4D baby imaging and video.